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Injuries are painful, debilitating, and have the potential to set you back weeks or months from your workout goals. A few injuries make up most of the exercise mishaps out there, and though nobody is truly immune to injury, there are at least some things you can do to reduce your risk.

Injury possibilities largely depend on what your workouts entail, but there are a few areas of the human body that are more problematic than others.  Strained back, Strained shoulder, ACL/PCL injuries, Runner’s knee, Achilles Tendinitis just to name a few.

Avoiding injuries comes down to a few key components. You want to see and feel results when you work out, but getting in shape takes time, so be patient. Whether the injury is a common one we listed or not, these general practices will help you avoid nearly all injuries.

Stretching can be beneficial, but it’s not all it takes to prevent a strain or tear. Instead of stretching before you exercise, save it for after your warm up or even after your entire session. If you’re pulling something, it’s because you’re trying to do too much, too fast.  If your muscles are too weak, the simplest of exercises can push them too far and cause you serious problems or pain.  Start at a lower intensity, especially if you’re new to exercise. Walking is safer than running, and resistance training is usually safer than free weights. 

Super Fit of Pickerington specializes in helping young athletes learn proper form for fewer sports injuries.


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